Curbing Process

How it works

What is curbing? Curbing is a concrete product that is installed at our property using a small machine. The concrete is mixed onsite with custom equipment so there are no cement trucks. Most jobs can be completed in one day.

Design flexibility includes flowing curves, straight lines or a completely custom design. Landscape curbing can also be colored and stamped to match existing tones or patterns. Serving as a successful root barrier and reduced edging and trimming time while maintaining the original integrity of the surrounding landscape.

Step 1
During the estimate, the area to be curbed is painted and measures. Once approved, the sod is removed using a bed edger.

Step 2
After the machines and tools are in place, then the concrete can be mixed. Portland cement, mason sand, fibermesh, and certain admixtures are combined to make the best product. Intergral color would be added at this time, if needed.

Step 3
The material is driven to the curbing machine with a motorized wheelbarrow. The four wide tires have minimal effect of your existing grass.

Step 4
After the concrete is extruded from the machine, the “rough” concrete needs to be finished. Specialized trowels help with this process. Having an experienced operator and finisher is key to a good product. Our crews are highly trained and have tens of thousands of feet under their belt.

Step 5
If the curb needs to be stamped, now is the time to do so. Secondary colors are broadcast onto the wet curb. The chosen stamp is impressed. When the process is done, the expansion joints are cut in and rolled.

Step 6
By this time the next mix should be on its way. An experienced crew should lay anywhere from 125-150 ft per hour.

Step 7
After the property is cleaned and the remaining materials are put away, the curbing can be sealed. Only color and stamped curbing needs to be sealed. Grey curbing does not.